It is our belief that many of the issues that plague our communities today are a direct result of a breakdown or disconnect of the family structure. By addressing the mental, emotional, financial and physical needs of those in our communities, we can aid in restoring our families.


A post pregnancy service aimed at helping new mommies who have delivered via cesarean, get nested back in at home. We understand that after having major surgery and bringing new life into the world, an extra pair of helping hands that allow you time to heal is everything!


A fun, interactive and healthy outlet for adults dealing with the challenges of everyday life. A nostalgic evening of games, dancing and live entertainment that also highlights other local charities! SOON you can find G.O.C. in the greater N.E.O. school system engaging our scholars and faculty in a healthy team building environment.


Building Up Investments & Lessen Debt.​

Financial literacy is vital for survival. This free program is designed to educate the family on the importance of credit, wealth building and investing to provide financial security for families and future generations.  

Music Matters


Music is a universal language that unites the masses. No matter the genre or instrument, the sound of music triggers moments in time that has a different story for all. Let our classes bring your family together and create a sweet harmony of unity and love.


A "fraternity" of men on a quest of self-discovery. This class is designed to bring men together in a safe, comfortable setting where they can learn the true, meaning of manhood and have an opportunity to share their challenges and concerns. This is a bi-weekly session for men ages 18 and older.



After all resources and measures have been taken to keep the family together, unfortunately some marriages come to an end and someone has to leave the home. Spaces will provide an option to transition out of the home into a temporary space to gain clarity of thought and allow time to search for a more permanent living arrangement.